1.7 => 1.9.6 search server connection


I am upgrading version 1.7 to 1.9.6 running with MySql 5.7 .

  • As I understand, there is a h2 file remaining which contains the configuration?

The root cause of this migration is that some downloads on 1.7 version doesn’t succeed whereas the image is accessible with the direct link.
During upgrade procedure, the wizard Backup didn’t work properly with errors such as :
“Error on table “raz1_files”! Database reported: Table “RAZ1_FILES” not found;”
The restore deleted almost all the database.

Maybe their is something wrong in database BUT
I succeeded to upgrade in 1.9.6 by copying db h2 directory.
All images can be downloaded.
The main problem seems located on db directory migration where you ask to do a backup/restore

Remaining issue
1.9.6 is working but the problem is the Mysql DB which is not reachable for indexing :
" The datasource razuna_server could not be found or was invalid".

How to fix?
I am looking for a solution to work with this db because I can start properly

  • I think it’s not good idea to edit bluedragon file directly to add razuna_server datasource?
  • is there a procedure to migrate only this h2 file?
  • any advice to link the search module with DB without using the wizard?

Thank you

Later versions of Razuna switched to a dedicated search server. You need to install that search server and configure it accordingly. This can be done within the backend admin.

search server is installed, I am trying to configure it in Admin=>indexing=> [Configure Search Server Database Connection]. as explained in Installing the Search Server.
Is it the backEnd admin you mentionned? or is it somewhere?
(I am suspecting a bad migration of my h2 file upgrading)

Thank you