Asset url security

Hello Nitai, We are trying to stop guys from directly sharing asset links for direct viewing on the browser. Does razuna have a mechanism to prevent this? For instance if I share a file url like this one ‘’.

I want to it not to be directly viewable on a browser by anyone except registered user on my system.

Thank you in advance.

Hi WladeAiro ,

You can go to Manage of current folder , choose Folder Sharing and Settings , choose No from Sharing options. Then click update button.

Hope this helps.


Hello, is there any security for specific assets, not the folder please. Because the example link I gave earlier is still accessible directly in an external browser with no session set even after doing all that you have suggested

There is no option for that. You have to roll your own. Something with
.htaccess or alike could work.

Thanks… Is there future provision for that?

Yes, we are looking into this for Razuna 2.0.

Thank you for your time and feedback.

you could just encapsulate the specific fusebox action in the file “tomcat\webapps\razuna\global\host\dam\controller\circuit.xml.cfm” with a check for being logged in or not:

<fuseaction name="xy">
<if condition="#session.login# EQ 'T'">
		original block goes here
		<do action="login" />

Thats how we did it.