AWS Certificate Migration

We just received an email from AWS that Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront will be migrating default certificates to Amazon Trust Services.

Our self hosted Razuna instance uses AWS S3 (us-west-2) region.

Here is how we need to test if the application will be able to use the new certificate

Q4: How do I test if my application trust Amazon Trust Services?
Verify your application works with Amazon Trust Services issued certificates, by performing one of the following tests from within your application. Test option 1, fetch the object and verify a 200 response or that you see the green check mark in the test image. Test option 2, create an S3 bucket in your AWS account in any of the following regions (eu-west-3, eu-north-1, me-south-1, ap-northeast-3, ap-east-1, and us-gov-east-1) and fetch a test object.

I’ve already done a “curl” check for the above url and got a 200 OK from the server, however - is there anyway to check it from within Razuna itself?

If you’ve tested this on the same server as Razuna, it should work without any issues.