Email notification for sub-folder is not working

After enabling the subscribe feature for the parent folder, if sub-folder is getting created under the same the email notification is not received. And when i check the setting for sub-folder the subscribe feature is set to ‘No’. Is there a way to automatically enable the subscribe feature for the parent and its sub-folders?

Any help for the above issue appreciated.

You can add the folder notification to the groups. When you enable it on a group, you don’t need to worry about the folder or its sub-folders.

Hope this helps.

Hi Nitai,

Thanks for your reply. We tried the folder notification with groups. It worked well with parent folders and their sub-folders.

However, after the folder setting if we create any new sub-folder under the parent folder and add assets, we are not receiving the notifications for the same. It seems the setting is only working on existing folder structure, its not considering any new sub-folders.

In order the make the new sub-folder to take effect - again I will have to go back to parent folder settings and enable ‘Allow subfolders to inherit permissions’ - only then we are receiving notifications for any new assets. I have verified this behavior while monitoring the database table ‘raz1_folder_subscribe’.

Is there any possible fix for this issue please?