Name missing on folder

when making a folder the name does not display under the folder. Could anyone let me know where to look to fix this? it works on the folder tree you can see in this pic. thanks.

Hi Imunoz,

Did you try to login and check with another browser?


yes its the same on chrome, firefox, and safari.

Are you able to look over html/css code with Chrome DevTools?

And also did you check system error logs?


Chrome is the only one that shows an issue. but in the others it shows no errors. where the strong tag is it should have the name of the folder and it does not. I also did not see any errors in the log on the web server.

Go to Administration / Customization / Folder view and make sure that the “Filename” is selected for the metadata list view.

every thing has show checked off and in the select metadata fields it has filename selected. still the folders in folder content have no names under it. Do i just need to start over and do a new install?

Flush the template cache.

Ok, I found the button to flush the templates. Did that, logged out then in. No change to folders they still are not showing folder name under them.

Did you select the metadata field as suggested?

I think so.

Hi!, I have the same problem. Did you make it work?
Thank you.

No I have not got the names to be seen under the folders. Not sure how to get it to work.

Did anyone solve the Problem? I did all of the above. Folder View, Flush Template Cache. But nothing worked. Is there anything else I could try?

I worked a little bit on this. Note: The name “tester” you see under the left folder was entered by me in the Chrome Webtools. Usually it is not there. The Folder name is as blank as on the right Folder. Where does the line usually pulls its data from? It looks to me like there is something missing.
Best Regards, Lars

As replied earlier, please go to Administration/Customization/Folder view and make sure to select the metadata fields you like to have in your folder view.

hi im getting the same issue with folders that have been created with the zip import option

I have also noted that once i add a description to the file the folder name appears. Since during zip extraction the files are not given default descriptions.