Razuna search database connection issue

When I go to indexing to enable local search server connection to mysql server which is already used by razuna instance but I get error as below while adding search mysql db connection.

{ts ‘2021-05-27 15:09:01’} ---------------------- Error adding a search server connection
| charset |
| errordetail | Connect Exception: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
| filecontent | Connection Failed
| header | {CFML Type::struct}
| mimetype | Unable to determine MIME type of file
| responseheader | {CFML Type::struct}
| statuscode | Status code unavailable
| text | YES

I have managed to configure razuna and search on local vm from scratch then I also managed to configure new search functionality on uat. But I get the above error on Live razuna server. I have also got a fresh 1_9_5 tomcat instance.zip and extracted razuna search but that does not help.