The Helpmonks and Razuna community is back

Our new forum for Helpmonks and Razuna customers has been (re)launched! It’s the perfect place to connect, share knowledge, and discover new ways to improve. Join us now and be a part of our growing community.

A forum that’s open to everyone
The community is an open forum for discussing email management, email marketing, email CRM, brand asset management, digital asset management, and best practices. Anyone can join by signing up and logging in, regardless of whether they are a Helpmonks or Razuna user.

You can post in any language, and Google Translate can translate every post, page, and profile.

Although the community is open to everyone, it benefits Helpmonks users who want to discover new ways to use our software.

Helpmonks and Razuna users can connect to the community through the Helpmonks interface by clicking on the “life-ring” icon on the top right (an update will roll out soon). You won’t have to log in if you’re a Community user; the forum will open automatically. When you join the community from your Helpmonks/Razuna account, we autofill your name and email for your community profile. Of course, you have complete control over your profile information. You can edit all the fields to only share the personal data you feel comfortable with.

If you need help using Helpmonks or Razuna, the community is an excellent resource for advice and suggestions from other users. Our support team is available via in-app chat or email for complex issues. Additionally, the community features a chat option where you can connect with the Helpmonks team for real-time messages.

In addition to everything else, we’ll be sharing Helpmonks and Razuna news and content through the community, including the latest blog posts and product updates.

We will also start posting previews of what we are working on and show you what’s coming next. If you want to help shape the product, look out for those topics, especially.

At Helpmonks, we are dedicated to keeping in touch with our users, informing you of our changes, and responding promptly to your forum messages.

Our admins will be entrusted with keeping spam, abuse, and unsuitable content off the community so everyone can enjoy their experience.

We’ll also reward admins and users who go the extra mile with badges to show they are experts in their field and contribute top-performing tips and comments to the forum.

More ways to connect
The community is in its early stages, but we look forward to welcoming you to the forum. Let’s build a space where members can create relationships, share knowledge and experience, and develop their talents.

Join our community today.